Some printers are finicky people. They know what they are good at, and they like to stick to it, pardon the pun. When what you need is outside their normal scope, that’s when print costs can start to add up

If you want small labels then it might be worth looking outside your normal printer so that you can get a cost-effective print run.

Online printing houses make sense

It is normal these days to go to a specialist print house for a specific type of job. Some printers make a great living out of being a postcard shop. Others specialize in banners and would not be the place for a business card.

Labels are different

small labels

Labels are not a regular print run as they need to do more than one job. There is the print message, but if you plan to use them to seal packaging then need to make sure that the package stays tightly closed until the consumer breaks the seal. A peeling label is not fit for purpose.

Small Labels

Small labels, anything which is four square inches or less are even more challenging. The print quality needs to be just as good, the glue needs to work just the same, and there could be the need for special finishes or print onto different materials such as a plastic or foil.

The internet

The internet is the perfect answer. You can find specialist printers anywhere, in places you would never have found without that quick search. Often the printer will have online software where you can design the label, or you will be able to upload your design to their site. You can see your design before it goes to print, so no more wasting money on an unusable print run.