We have all experienced the misery of a mosquito bite. We might even have friends who always seem to get bitten, no matter what.

Sometimes the only option is to cover ourselves in goop before we head out into the summer. But that goop has a downside. It’s usually chock full of chemicals, it smells bad and it makes your skin feel sticky.

There is an alternative

Organic mosquito control is a safe, non-toxic way of keeping the bugs at bay.

Safe for people pets and the environment

Organic mosquito control

Many people want to keep away from unnecessary chemicals, but don’t really feel that is an option unless they can be sure that the alternative works – especially where children and pets are concerned. Making sure they are safe is a priority.

Prevent not cure

One of the positives about organic pest control is that it is a preventative treatment. This means that if you start early enough in the season, you may never get bitten at all, well at least not in the places you have treated. Some manufacturers say that a treatment will last for 30-days. Being mosquito free for that long may be a godsend for those who are badly bitten.

How it works

Treat areas such as the lawn or flowerbeds with the organic compound which is natural and therefore will not harm beneficial insects or plants. There are beneficial insects, like bees and butterflies that should not be killed because of pesticides so you can ensure the right insects will be targeted.

Take precautions

But as with any treatment of this sort – remember it is there to kill things. It is important to keep poison out children’s way and consider wearing protective clothing when you spray with it.